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Main mistakes and possible solutions

What does the guide contain?

When using the different tools offered by RocketROI, you may have some frequent errors, these problems can be caused by simple topics of format or use. In the following guide we show you solutions to these problems, which will help you to know how to fix them easily and quickly.

  1. The feed has been uploaded, but the number of products that RocketROI shows with the items in my feed does not match.
  2. I applied a filter when uploading the settings, but the information was not filtered correctly.
  3. The feed is processed all the time and never finish loading.
  4. I do not have any or none of my RocketROI accounts.
  5. I have uploaded a configuration, but nothing has been created in Adwords or Bing.
  6. I have uploaded an incorrect configuration and I want to change it.
  7. I have uploaded a configuration, but some campaigns or adgroups have not been created.
  8. I uploaded a configuration, but some keywords or ads were not created.
  9. The information in my campaigns or the RocketROI Dashboard does not match the data that shows Adwords or Bing.



If the number of products with the number of items in the feed does not match, there may be some mistakes in the file that caused the system to not count the items correctly. Review if it is a CSV with no commas, spaces, apostrophes or any strange symbols in the text, or anything other than quoted numbers as indicated by Feed requirements.