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Getting started with RocketROI

What does the guide contain?

It is possible that, once you have signed up with RocketROI, you do not know very well where to start. Here you will find what steps you must follow in a generic way in order to start up the optimization of your PPC campaigns as well as the generation of massive structures, to get the best possible ROI on your investment in digital marketing.

  1. Connect your accounts
  2. Create structures
  3. Optimizes



If you have registered in RocketROI but your Dashboard is empty, it is because you still need to set up the most important thing: your account.

Before you start optimizing your PPC campaigns with RocketROI technology you must connect your accounts to RocketROI. Once you have done you can start managing all your channels and media from the same platform, and create new campaigns with the massive structure generator and optimize them to get the most out of them.