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Add a new client (for agencies and freelance)

You can easily create your new RocketROI account in the Sign Up section of our website.

Steps to follow

You only need to follow the instructions on your screen, and very soon you'll be able to benefit from all the advantages that RocketROI has to offer.

1. Provide information

Firstly, you need to provide the information that we need to open your client account as a RocketROI user. Once you've entered your details, click to sign up.  

2. Link your Adwords account

Next, you need to link your account to Adwords in RocketROI. To do this, you need to click on the Google Adwords button, which will redirect you to another screen to complete the link.

Remember that for this process to be successful, you need to be signed in to a Google session from the same account as the Administrator or MCC of the Adwords that you want to link. If you aren't, the link won't work correctly.



3. Complete the process

Lastly, to finish your RocketROI sign up you need to select which MCC and which accounts you want to link. Once you've selected these, you're a click away from finishing up. In a few moments, you should see that the link has been successful.  


In any case, one of our experts will get in touch to confirm that everything has worked correctly, and to let you know you are ready to access our systems.

Time for lift-off! 

If you still have doubts, contact us!


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