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Add an account to a client

You can go over the details of your client account in the Manage section within the user menu.

There you'll be able to edit the basic client information, check which Adwords accounts you have linked to RocketROI, and manage the users of your account.  


Basic information

In the Account Information section, you can find and edit the basic information of your client account. That is: name of the company or business, name of the client, country, language, and main account.

Adwords account

Next, from the Adwords Accounts section you can see, add, or remove the Adwords accounts that you have linked to RocketROI.

Managing your users

Finally, this section allows you to manage the users that are associated to the account. You can choose who you want to be the account's main user, change the passwords, delete or recover users and edit the profile for all of them.

You can also add new users to your client account. 

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