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What to know before you start

To take full advantage of the tools and functionalities that RocketROI offers, you must know some concepts and parameters that will allow you to drive your campaigns as much as possible.




Online Marketing Basics

First, we will analyze those concepts that you need to know about Digital Marketing in order to correctly configure your structure in Adwords.


ROI (Return on Investment)

CPA or CPL (Cost per Acquisition or Lead)

CTR (Click Through Ratio)

CPC (Cost per Click)

Conversion Rate (% of visitors to the site who become customers)

CTA (Call To Action)

Conversion (Compliance with the defined objective: Registration, Sale,...)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Impressions (Every time a user displays a web page on which a banner is placed)

RocketROI basic concepts 

Limit CPC (Bid that determines the highest amount you are willing to pay for each click that an ad receives)


Strategy level




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