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About keywords and match types

It is very important that you create a suitable list of keywords for your campaign, so that you target your ads to the customers you want to impact.The keywords should match the terms your potential customers would use to search for your products or services.

Select your Keywords

The first step is to decide which keywords your customers will use to search for your products. To do this, you can divide your business into main categories, and write terms or copys related to each of them, including those that your customers would use to describe your products or services.

Generic or specific

La selección de palabras clave va muy condicionada al tipo de cliente al que te quieras dirigir. Puedes dirigirte a clientes específicos o por lo contrario dirigirte a un amplio número de clientes utilizando palabras clave más generales.

If your objective is to target specific customers, your selection of keywords must be directly related to the subject matter of your ad or a specific product. This way you will attract customers who have looked for the ad by terms directly related to your business. However, keep in mind that if your keywords are too specific it may not reach as many users as you want.

The other option is to choose more generic keywords to allow you to reach the largest possible amount of people. That said, reaching a large quantity of users does not ensure you will reach potential clients for your business, as the ad may appear in searches that aren’t related to the topic of your business. Also, generally speaking, more generic keywords are more competitive and therefore require higher bids.


Sort them into Ad Groups

Another important point is grouping your similar keywords into ad groups based on products, services, or other categories. This way your most relevant ads will be shown to your potential customers.

It is recommended to create between five and twenty keywords per ad group. If you want to include more, you can, but it is important that the keywords are related to the ad group topic.

Search Terms

It is good practice for keyword selection to analyze search terms similar to your keywords, and choose those that users search for, but that are not reflected in your keywords. This way, you can add new keywords as your searches and campaign results progress.


Choose the matching types

Keyword matching types let you control which searches trigger an ad.

The wider the matching option you choose for your keywords, the more potential traffic the keyword will have. On the other hand, the more specific this option is, the more relevant the keyword for a search will be.

As such, knowing these differences will help you choose the right options to improve your return on investment.

Each medium has some matching types already defined for its keywords. They usually match with each other, but there are slight variations in some cases. For more information you can consult:

  • - Google Adwords keyword matching types.
  • - Keyword matching types of Bing Ads.

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