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Types of feeds to use with RocketROI

When creating the feed, you must make it one way or another based on the structure you want to define in Adwords. RocketROI allows you to load two different types of feeds according to your needs: static or dynamic.



Before creating any feed, whether static or dynamic, it is essential to know the format requirements that must be met in order to avoid mistakes.

Static feeds

These types of feeds are the easiest to configure. They are created and loaded in RocketROI through a file, and once the information is stored in the system, it can not be modified or updated. The feed is not refreshed, so the data it contains is permanent.

To load a static feed in RocketROI you must select the Load File option in the first step of the process.

In addition, although the information can not be updated in real time or automatically, within the options of the feed you find the possibility of Modifying the Structure. In that way, you can upload your static feed with the modifications you want to apply while maintaining the campaigns structures that you had previously configured.

If you remove items that you had included in the previous file, these will be paused in Adwords when you reload the configuration; If instead you add new items, they will be created and added to your channel information.

Dynamic feeds

Dynamic feeds are more complex to configure, but they allow to have the feed information always updated. The feed must be published through an URL in either CSV, XML or JSON format, and you can modify the information according to your needs.

The main advantages offered by a dynamic feed versus a static one are the following:

Dynamic objectves 

The fact of loading the products you want to advertise through a feed (static or dynamic), gives you the opportunity to assign a specific CPA or CPL objective to each product to start optimizing. For example, if you have an accessory store that sells watches and belts, the target CPA that you can assume with the watches will surely be much higher than that of the belts.

A dynamic feed, in addition to the above, allows to keep the objectives for each product updated according to what you need at each moment. You can edit the CPA or CPL of each product and update it as often as you have selected to reload the feed in RocketROI. 

Product updates

If you want to update the products you are advertising, the dynamic feed also allows you to add or remove items according to your needs.

For example, if you have run out of stock of any of the products you are advertising, remove it from the feed. When doing the recharge of the structure, the system will detect that the product it is not there and it will pause the corresponding adgroup. So you will not be announcing something that is not available right now.

As soon as you need it, you can include that product in the feed again, and when our system detects it, the adgroup that had been paused will be reactivated and the ads will be shown again.

It is important to know that once the product names and IDs that you include are added they can not be modified, but will remain the same in the RocketROI database. It is for this reason that if you have deleted a product that you already had and you want to activate it again, you must keep exactly the name and product ID that you had initially set. But the system will detect it as a new product and will create it from scratch instead of reactivating the one that was paused.

 Modification of ads 

This function is only for Google Adwords, which does not allow you to edit your ads, but when you need to modify any of them it deletes and creates a new one, without maintaining the historical.

To solve this, Adwords gives the possibility that through a dynamic feed, you can edit and update the fields that you want of your ads, whether they are texts, prices, offers, etc. Everything except the final and visible URLs.

To do this you should include that information into the feed, in order to modify your ads, and when you need to apply the changes you will only have to update the feed. Then when the system goes to recharge it, it will send the updated fields to Adwords so that the ads will be updated.

If you want to load a dynamic feed in RocketROI, you must select the option Load URL in the first step of the process. Then select the type of file and add the link in which the information is found.

Also you must indicate below the username and password to be able to access your feed (if you need it), and how often you want the information to be updated. You can choose between Weekly, Monthly or Daily, and the day or time in which the system reread the URL data to check if there are new items to include or some items to pause.


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