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First steps in RocketROI

RocketROI allows you to access different media and all its channels. With our technology, you can create Google, Bing and Social campaigns from a single platform and manage them faster and more intuitively.

Welcome to RocketROI

In this document we will explain step by step what to do once you have signed up with RocketROI and how you can boost your campaigns, but if you have doubts about what our technology can offer you, we recommend that you read this article and our guide "Start working with RocketROI" before you start. We will explain everything you need to know to start your journey with us, and you’ll be able to see what RocketROI is all about.

If you have already registered, linked your accounts, and defined your objectives, but you do not know where to start, don’t panic, just keep reading.

Select a client
If you work with more than one client, before selecting the specific account you want to manage, you must choose which of your clients you want to start with. You will find this option in the upper right part. Once the client has been chosen, you can start work with one of your accounts, whether it’s  Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or any other medium.
Select a medium

Once you have logged in with your user details, you can choose which account you want to start working with from the RocketROI page. Click on the icon of the medium you need (Adwords, Bing, ...) and a drop-down will appear with all the accounts you have linked to that medium. You can click on any of them to go to your Dashboard, or go directly to the channel of the account you want to see first (Search, Display or Shopping).

Once you have selected an account, you can move through it by entering the channels you have enabled from the tools menu.

 Select a channel
To create a structure, you must go to the structure generator, in the tools menu. In this case, even if you previously selected a specific Google account, Bing account, or any other account, it will automatically be deselected when you open the tool. On the main screen where the summary of the feeds appears, all your feeds will appear, or if you are working with several clients, you will see all the feeds that you have loaded for the client that you have previously selected.

You can create configurations of any media or channel with the feed that you have loaded. In this way you can take advantage of it for multiple loads, whatever the account of that client you want to use. For example, our customer, X, has an X_ES account for the Spanish market and another, X_LAT account for the Latin American market, but we can use the same already loaded feed to make configurations in both accounts.

It will be in the "Configurations" section, and when creating a new configuration, when you will have to choose the medium, the channel, and therefore the account on which you want to generate the configuration.

When you have several configurations, you’ll be able to easily see a summary of each one on the screen that will indicate which medium, which channel, and which account it belongs to.


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